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Why Customers Choose TMS

      Quality Service
      Expertise in the Industry
      Dedication to our Customers
      Backed by OEMS

Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc provides superior service backed by quality parts to customers on the West Coast, doing so for nearly 20 years. The original TMS Split Pin which debuted in 1984 paved the way for additional innovative and cost saving ideas, one of which is the TMS Bridge Master III Main Pivot Changeover Kit.

Couple the many labor saving products that TMS manufactures with the name brand products you are not only familiar with but have learned to rely upon and you are guaranteed that your trucks will be on the road making you money.

In times where the bottom line is a must, you can rest assured that by calling Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc. that you will not only receive superior parts but a company that provides satisfaction guaranteed.



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