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Special Thanks

Folsom Ready Mix Inc. - Rancho Cordova, CA

It is never good to have one of your units involved in an accident, however when it does occur you can be reassured that there is a one-stop shop with the experience necessary to perform all of the repairs. Folsom Ready Mix selected Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc. to perform the repairs on the above unit.

The mixer was originally purchased with MTM’s exclusive Revolution drum, which due to the truck clocking only 3800 miles prior to the accident a decision to convert the unit to a standard steel drum was made. OEM parts were purchased for both chassis and mixer, followed by installation, paint and application of customer’s decals prior to being returned to service.

Truck Mixer Supply understands that though a mixer may have been previously damaged, no matter its age, repairs can be made. If your company finds itself in a situation where you require a quote, please give us an opportunity to issue one for you.



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