Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc.

The Original TMS Split Pin


There are imitators out there but don’t be fooled, the original split pin was first created here at Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc. to help customers deal with the difficulty in working with solid pins. Over the years competitors have seen the benefits and attempted to copy the original, many times failing to use the top materials or the quality workmanship that is necessary to provide the best possible product.

We here at TMS know the importance of keeping a working truck on the road where it belongs and in an effort to ensure that the customer not only receives the absolute best value possible with the part, we continually improve the TMS split pin so as to guarantee savings on labor.

If you have never used a split pin or have tried them but not from “the home of the original split pin”, we encourage you to put the TMS split pin to the test by calling us today because our only wish is for you, to save both you and your fleet time and money by installing a product that delivers peace of mind.



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